(classes that may be offered at any given time)


Adult Fitness (Ages 18 & up)- adult fitness class utilizing a variety of low-impact fitness activities to improve: strength, stamina, balance, core muscle strength and overall flexibility; and have fun while doing it

Acro (8 & up)- the combination of dance movements and basic tumbling skill with emphasis on safety, strength, flexibility, and control (similar to floor gymnastics).

Ballet (8 & up)- the graceful telling of a story through the use of dance, accompanied by music with emphasis on proper technique, strength, and flexibility. 
Only soft slipper technique is taught, we do NOT teach pointe nor allow pointe shoes in class!

Baton (8 & up)- baton twirling based on the Twirling Unlimited technique of fundamental skills and steps. One, two, & three batons, hoop, light, fire, ribbon, and flag can be taught.

Creative Dance (2-4)- for beginning dancers (ages 2-4) concentrating on basic beginning dance technique, balance, strength, control and listening skills in a fun and creative setting to inspire the imagination. Emphasis is on developing a well rounded and active child who’s ready to begin sports, dance, or just be more comfortable in a classroom setting.

Dance Intro (4-7)- contains basic technique from a combination of styles (Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Baton, Acro/Tumbling) along with Creative Dance activities. Emphasis is placed upon listening, cooperation, and creativity.  The goal is to prepare students for future classroom settings and individual styles of dance.  After completing these classes students will be better equipped to decide which types of dance they want to explore further.

Flamenco (8 & up)- a dance of Spanish origin containing rhythmical sounds of the feet - accompanied by arm and hand movements  - along with rhythmic accompaniment of hand claps, finger snaps, and/or castanets.

Hip Hop (8 & up)- a contemporary class utilizing the multitude of styles encompassed by the Hip Hop Dance classification. The selection of music and movements are appropriate for our family environment!  Classes are adjusted to meet the skill level of the individuals participating in class.

Jazz (8 & up)- a Broadway show-style technique working to develop the dancer’s ability to isolate and emphasize body movements and placement (proper technique), balance, control, musicality, strength and flexibility.

Mom/Dad & Me (2-3 & an adult)- a class to work together learning basic beginning dance technique, balance, strength, control, improve listening skills, and encourage cooperation (while strengthening the bond between parent and child) in a fun and creative setting to inspire the imagination. Adult participation is mandatory in this class.

Pom Pom (8 & up)- a class combining Acro, Jazz, Hip Hop and cheerleading pom poms.  Emphasis in this class is on sharpness, precision, and control utilizing pom poms and dance steps.

Stretching  (10 & up)- a class which emphasizes long, lean muscle development and toning, core body strength, and the overall flexibility needed to improve the quality of your life.  This class is a great place for beginners to start their journey to a better body.  It is also an excellent addition to an existing cardio workout schedule.

Tap (8 & up)- a form of dance wherein rhythmic sounds are created by the feet, along with Jazz type movements of the body. Emphasis is placed upon proper technique, strength, control, musicality and rhythm.